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How We Can Help You

We create tools and materials that will deliver results within your company and with your customers. We help your leaders be better decision-makers. We help your presenters make better presentations. We help your team members become better team players. We help your salespeople increase their sales. We help your employees by improving their lives and performance so that your corporate image will be enhanced and your bottom line will be effected.

If you value the latest management ideas and practices and love practical application of powerful organizational tools, you will love us.

We can help your company from top to bottom. Our steps include developing a skills analysis, making  a needs assessment, doing a gap analysis, and then developing materials tailored to the exact needs of the employee and the organization. Here are some things we will help you do better:

For Leaders and Managers:
Lead cross-culturally
Make outstanding presentations
Improve innovation and creativity
Motivate employees
Improve leadership and management skills
Improve time management skills
Improve your corporate image
Motivate and managing yourself
Manage workforce costs

For Salespeople:
Create new and great leads
Close sales
Help make yourself more likable to others
Make outstanding presentations

For Teams and Employees:
Improve intercultural communication
Improve time management skills
Improve English skills
Improve communication skills

Our founder and CEO

Mike Standing With Brick Wall2-smallerDr. Mike Williams, MBA, PhD

Mike grew up in the USA and is an athlete, musician, businessman, and scholar. He and his wife, Cindy, have been married for over 35 years and have three grown sons.

Living and working overseas since 1991, Mike is one of the Middle East’s leading experts in the new and exciting field of Cultural Intelligence (CQ). CQ has emerged as one of the most successful paradigms in understanding and improving intercultural interactions. It is a model that helps explain how individual differences might contribute to or hinder cross-cultural adjustment and deals with how people adjust to a variety of cultures.

CQ is a powerful tool that allows the measurement of baseline skills in cultural adjustment and provides practical methods of improvement in areas that need addressing. Mike has used CQ for years to help leaders and managers improve their skills, help businesspeople adjust to new environments better, and multicultural teams be more productive.

Mike has lectured, taught, consulted, and researched in Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, and the Middle East and has a passion in helping people improve their lives in every dimension.